It’s What ANY Momma Bear Would Do!

The kids of Kansas have hit the “big time” once again! This time, the video that’s being talked about and has gone viral is a parody on the changes to the school lunch program…thanks to our First Lady, Michelle Obama, and the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. I find the name of the bill rather contradictory – “Hunger Free”. This was created to help with the growing epidemic of overweight kids. My kids aren’t overweight – they’re hungry! How can anyone believe our school lunches are making our kids overweight? What about the kids who count on this one meal to get them through their day?

Body weight is determined by the amount of caloric intake AND the amount of exercise you subject your body to. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out less exercise and more sitting takes less calories. Because most of our youth (and adults) are not involved with enough physical activity, we have grown into the XX sizes. Seriously? Changing ONE MEAL is not going to make a difference in our kids’ weight. Why hasn’t the amount of time given to physical activity during the school day been addressed? Educating them about caloric intake and making them aware of the exercise (or lack of) they need to remain at a weight that is acceptable for their body size seems like a common sense direction.  “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Chinese Proverb

I started hearing a few complaints from Taylor and Callie last spring about changes that were occurring in their lunch menus. I just “poo pooed” them because I figured the lunch ladies were starting to clean out the freezers/refrig for the upcoming summer vacation. Callie would come home complaining of being hungry and there not being enough food for lunch. Little did I know the lunch ladies were probably already attempting to get the kids used to some of the changes they were going to have to implement with the 2012/2013 school year. I had no idea! I in no way am blaming our school district or administration for our kids being hungry – their hands are tied!

It wasn’t until I started hearing the controversy on the radio and reading Trent Loos’ blog that I started really paying attention to what was happening. Trent challenged Secretary of Ag Tom Vilsack with information that was printed in the January 26, 2012 National Register which Mr. Vilsack claimed, “I don’t know what you’re reading, but that’s not accurate”.   Sometimes, I wonder if the policymakers in DC try to slip changes under the mat and hope no one figures them out. Unfortunately, it didn’t work this time. Not only have the parents started realizing what is taking place but so are the kids – and they are revolting.

Americans of all ages are joining in the lunchroom revolt! I recently read about a 10 year old boy who wrote a letter to policymakers voicing his opinion of the changes. Sharon Springs, KS students created the above video which is getting attention by the main stream media.  A local Beatrice senior created a blog regarding his lunch and his quest for a good meal.  A Facebook page, Sensible School Lunches,  was created to keep social media followers “in the know” about “restoring common sense and balanced food choices for children across America in the USDA school breakfast and lunch programs”.  Good Morning America and  Nightline recently devoted time in their programing to this issue. I’m sure there are more out there that I just haven’t run across yet.

I applaud the efforts by so many! My hope is that because of the lunchroom revolt, our government officials and the USDA will be willing to review the regulations a second (or even a third) time to attempt making them something everyone can live by. Our kids are hungry! When my kids are hungry, I feed them. That’s what any momma bear would do!

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2 comments on “It’s What ANY Momma Bear Would Do!

  1. Melody's Perspective says:

    This is a great post! So true. My eight year-old son always says, “I think I better bring my lunch because what they give me doesn’t fill me up!” So glad I found your blog. I am interested in hearing more of what you have to say. Also, into ag :)

    • Why thank you!! I’m glad you found my story! I never know who may find my blog and I so appreciate the fact that you left me a note. I look forward to hearing from you again! If an 8 year old is complaining about being hungry it sort of discredits their idea that it’s just the older ones involved with sports that are complaining the most. Visit the Sensible School Lunch FB page and send a note to the policymakers letting them know it’s NOT just a few of us!

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