more than just addresses

I reached for my address book this afternoon and thought, “You know, I should share this with my friends”. I wish I knew what year I started filling this with family and friend’s addresses. If I were to guess, I would say 25 years ago. This little book is full of  history!

IMG_3237Last year, while at the NAFB convention, John Deere was handing out green duct tape. I thought it added some nice color to a book that was needing a little TLC.

IMG_3236When I was trying to decide what pages to take a picture of to show what sort of history is recorded in my address book, I decided the one to use was “H”. These two pages tell family history, beginning with my youngest brother, Matt. The top entry is his Orange Vale, CA address. If I had taken a picture of the previous pages, you would see his Davis, CA address. Matt left home after graduating from art school and moved his world to California. As years evolve, throwing curves and sharp turns, the address book reflects the life changes.

This page also gives the beginning history of the many changes my middle brother, Mark, has had throughout his life – including all overseas addresses. Mark joined the air force after high school and worked his way to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He has since retired and his family’s roots are growing pretty deep in Florida.

The owners of the crossed out addresses that I miss the most are my Grandpa and Grandma. The address on the yellow sticker was the home they moved to after the 1980 Grand Island tornadoes destroyed their home that was built when my dad was much younger.  Those tornadoes tried to destroy their livelihood, as well.  They were supposed to leave for harvest the day after the tornadoes destroyed much of what they owned. After Grandpa died in 1994, Grandma ended up moving to the care center and lived there until she passed away in October 1995.

Each page of my address book brings memories and stories to mind. Do you have an address book like this? Anyone who has been involved in my life the past 25 years has a place in my history book and I have every address that you would have had.

IMG_3238Not only do I have addresses, but I also have very important information that needs to be kept for later reminders. :)


IMG_3239Beautiful artwork and notes that remain near and dear to my heart.

So, here’s my advice to you. Although technology has taken over our lives, I would highly recommend you buy yourself a good old-fashioned  address book. Start by writing the date you begin filling it in and then add…cross out, add…cross out as the years come and go. I’m confident that one day, you too will enjoy flipping through the pages and recall people and places that have been a major part of your history.

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14 comments on “more than just addresses

  1. Love this- this is a great idea! I’ve always been a fan of tangible address books and calendars. I don’t do well with those things being digital. There is something about writing them that helps me remember them way better than putting them into my phone.

    • And, they’re more likely to be saved. I feel the same way with pictures. I think you’re more apt to look through a photo book than you are a CD or computer file. A GREAT way to save the pics but how often does anyone take the time to look at them again. That’s one reason why I LOVE this blog so much! I just click the button and turn each year into a book – something my grandkids can read one day and see the pictures all at the same time. :)

  2. Terry Nanninga says:

    My wife has kept a travel log of trips we have taken over the last 20 or so years. Where we stayed things we saw and places we have eaten. Makes great memories just like your address book.

    • WONDERFUL! I’ve often times wished that I had kept a daily journal prior to this blog for the harvest journey. SO MANY memories that get written about and the feelings of what you’re going through at the time. I did keep a daily calendar, though, and have kept those. One reason for this blog…it gives me the opportunity to express what’s in my head and then something for my kids to read one day and, hopefully, make them smile.

  3. My address book is lacking! I want one like yours! It seems like I have very good intentions of adding addresses, but all I seem to get done is keep the return address label from an envelope. Great post Tracy!

    • Thanks, Laurie. It’s not too late! Just start today. Once you get those address labels written in your book, you won’t have to change anything until they move. Then…just cross it out and write it under the last address. :)

  4. Harry and Sharon Drake says:

    You are right about the history. I have 2 that we have had since we been married, 44 years. The more I look the more it has a life of its own. We keep journals for Harry and I . One for our Son and Wife. one for each Grandchild.Helpful when wanting to remember dates.
    The duck tape is like your family with the Love that holds it together.
    Have a great Thanksgiving Sharon Drake

    • Hi Sharon!
      It’s been a while!! I’m so glad this spurred a comment from you. :) I wish I had kept journals. I did keep one – while I was pregnant with Jamie. I gave it to her while she was pregnant with Eli. I wish I had done it with all the kids but I didn’t. Guess life got too busy and priorities didn’t include keeping a journal. Maybe a little laziness, too.

      I LOVED your comparison of the duct tape to the love of our family. So very, very true!! I am so BLESSED!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and Harry.

  5. Margaret Smith says:

    Husband Ron has an address book like yours…but about 3 times as big. He nearly goes into cardiac arrest when he can’t find it! I tell him to look under a “few” things in the back seat of his pickup…and that’s usually where it’s found. ;) He would be lost without it. Occasionally he goes thru it to weed out or change addresses/phone numbers. Sometimes this saddens him because family or friends that are no longer here. But it brings back good memories of them.

    • I totally understand the feelings of being sad when you go through something like that! And here I thought I was the only one who had something like this. :) Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

  6. Tracy….. Love this post. I am just now getting caught up on a lot of blogs. I am so behind on your’s. My apologies!

    I love this because it reminds me of my grandmother’s address book and my mom and I going through it after she passed away. Right there in our hands was all of her friends, family and loved ones. All the people she cared so deeply about. There were notes and other fun finds as well. Same with her cookbook. My mom kept the address book and gave me the cookbook. Those two books are more special than jewelry or anything else that has been passed down.

    I have been keeping my own address book since I was a kid. I converted my addresses into a better book shortly before I got married. I love that book. I have so many friends that ask me for my address over and over everytime they want to send me something and I want to say “GET A FREAKING ADDRESS BOOK!” :) But that would be mean………. and you can’t be mean to someone when they are sending you something. Right? :)

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas, Tracy!!

    • I think you should buy them one for Christmas and begin it with your address! :)

      Thank you for taking the time to read my stories and for being so good about letting me know you’ve visited!

      We had a fantastic Christmas! It was the next day that was really difficult. My house went from noise and chaos to just me overnight. I was a little blue until I made myself suck it up and get back to working on something other than feeling sorry for myself. I love the noise of family!

      I hope you had a great Christmas, as well. And we’ll both look forward to the new year!

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