there’s always next year

I was going back through some letters I wrote as president of the U.S. Custom Harvesters recently and came upon one that could have been written today. It was written in the Spring of 2011. Why is this worth mentioning? It was about the impending disaster the custom harvesting industry was being faced with.  The letter  was written to the major combine and forage manufacturers asking for an extended grace period when it came time for equipment payments. I don’t remember if there was anything accomplished with that letter but it was a “heads up” to them anyway. By the time the harvest season was over, it appeared that most custom harvesters were able to hold on, sigh a heavy sigh and mutter, “there’s always next year”.

That was three summers ago.

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you’re STILL here?

Yep…still here.

That’s the question that’s asked a lot by everyone we come in contact with who knows we shouldn’t still be here.  Here it comes…next question…”when are you leaving?” I just shrug my shoulders, squint my eyes and say, “I don’t know.”
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This morning, I had to make a trip to the University of NE Med Center for blood work. Nothing serious, nothing to worry about, just a routine checkup. When I arrived at the diagnostic center, I was met with a full house. The place was completely full of sick and hurting people. There was one chair left so, of course, I took it. The man I sat next to began a simple conversation.

He had a friendly face but a sadness hung there. We began our conversation with just the friendly usual…weather, politics, etc. We eventually dug a little deeper and I found out he came here every week. “I have bone cancer, and hepatitis C and …” I immediately felt guilty for sitting next to this man. I was here just to have blood drawn.

He talked – I listened. He threw in the, “but it’s all a part of God’s plan”. I knew then that the chair that was left was also a part of God’s plan. I came here this morning with a heavy heart. Why? Because my “problems” seemed so large. After talking with my new friend, I realized I have NO WORRIES!

My new friend was dealing with a hole and the hole was getting larger. The medical bills had forced him to sell everything but his pickup. He has a home but he’s 3 months behind. He can’t get a job because of his medical history. He’s trying to stay on top of utilities. Obamacare would cost more than his house payment. So he was literally taking one day at a time.

He started to cry. “I understand why so many people commit suicide”, he tells me.

My heart hurt for this man. So I prayed for him. I’ll never see him again but he knows he’s in the hands of the One who can help him. For this I am thankful. God bless you, Michael! And…thank you, God, for that divine appointment this morning!

a month of celebrations

10257003_668897244524_7164288574946730326_nApril has whizzed on past and has left me wondering where the time goes!

HAPPY MAY DAY – well, a little late.

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head on over…

IMG_3995Traditional Easter picture – 2014

Head on over to Housewives of Rural America to read my latest post, “take time for tradition. These days, I’m doing good to get something on this site let alone on some that were promised a while ago. So, in order to see what’s up with the Z Crew, for now, check it out.

the great american wheat harvest (video)

IMG_3538 Well…once again, the days have run together and more weeks have gone by since I allowed myself to sit down and write about the adventures of the Z Crew. Our time in New York City was phenomenal! One major thing I would have changed (if I could have) would have been the weather. The “winter-that-just-won’t-quit” continued the entire time we were on our trip of a lifetime. It was so cold, we were ducking into stores hoping to find gloves and hats. Unfortunately, all the winter items had been taken off the shelves to make room for summer merchandise. Dang it was cold! The final day of New York was spent at The World Trade Center site and Central Park. The girls LOVED Central Park (especially Taylor) and I really wished that it had been more spring-like weather instead of a strong bitter cold wind. All we wanted to do was get somewhere warm. Our last evening was spent washing clothes, packing and preparing for an early morning departure. We had tickets to take the Amtrak from NYC to DC and had to leave the apartment at 6:00 a.m.

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nyc – havin a grand ‘ole time!


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