Boredom produces old harvest picture gallery

gpa-gma-h-001Grandpa & Grandma Hancock (not sure of the date)

I finished getting my numbers together for the tax man. It was too early to go to bed, I didn’t want to clean my house (yet), and it was too early to pack for the US Custom Harvesters convention. So…now what? Hmmm, let’s go through this “old memory” drawer. The “old memory” drawer holds little keepsakes my Grandma gave me before she passed away. I found some loose old pictures and decided it would be fun to go through them. These were pictures she had saved in a wooden cigar box. When I started looking, it made the ‘ole tears start. The first few I saw were of Grandma as a young woman. She did so many things and went so many places! I am in awe of all she did. She was definitely not scared to go on her own. She was 19 in the following pictures. She took a train by herself to California to stay with her Uncle in San Diego. While there, she visited Tijuana, Old Mexico. This was in 1938





gma4-001 Now I know where my love for fishing came from.

 Then I started seeing old harvest pictures and decided I needed to share.

harvest-001It was in this combine and in the corn field that I remember standing in the cab with Grandpa and “helping”. I was little enough I would take a nap on the ledge behind the seat.





harvest5-001Notice who’s “helping” on the header? Yep, that’s me. 🙂

harvest6-001And this very skinny young man is the guy I later married.


harvest13-001Me and Grandma posing for a newspaper article while in Lodgepole, NE. She looks a whole lot more excited about doing it than I do!

harvest8-001In 1989, Jamie, Jenna and I visited the harvesters in Lodgepole, NE. Jamie would have been 3 and Jenna 16 mos.



harvest11-001Our first year on the road as Zeorian Harvesting & Trucking. 1990 – Lodgepole, NE

harvest12-001Jenna helping her Daddy.

Another yearly event is about to come and go. The US Custom Harvesters convention is next week. As I’ve said before, our family counts down events ’til harvest rather than months and days. So, we’re nearly through them all. After we’ve celebrated Jenna’s birthday, the next thing to do will be pack the trailer to get ready to head south. When the convention is here, harvest is right around the corner! Are you ready to follow the adventure?

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  1. Tracy little says:

    Loved this!

  2. Callie says:

    Loved it, Mom! I love looking at those old pictures.

  3. yensyphotos says:

    Yep. This is, by far, my favorite post thus far. (And not just because I’m so stinkin’ cute.) Love these old photos.

  4. ndjmom says:

    Love the posts, made me think about all the old pictures I inherited from my Mom that I should look at with a different eye.

  5. I so love the photo of you and your grandmother and you posing for the newspaper! I almost thought it was me! I started combining for my uncle when I was 14. I think that was probably about the same time that photo was taken. Really took me back!

    • I love that photo too. I really miss her. She was a great lady and I learned a lot from her. Harvest is a wonderful lifestyle and I can’t imagine doing anything else!

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