campfires, s’mores and more

Our weekend wasn’t spent on the road or in a wheat field. Instead, it was spent doing things most people who don’t leave home or their family probably do and take for granted. This doesn’t mean, though, that thoughts of being on the road or in a wheat field weren’t on my mind. The images of loaded combines which I see via Facebook make me wish Frank and I were part of that journey. But we’re not and I need to just remain faithful that that’s not where we’re supposed to be right now. Instead…this is where we are meant to be.

On Thursday evening, I received a text from Dan (Misener Family Harvesters), “So are you busy tomorrow”?  “Just workin…you headed this way”?, was my reply. The Misener’s had been in South Dakota for a funeral. As you may or may not know, the farmers we “wheaties” cut for generally become more than just a customer. And, this is proof of that statement. The Misener’s have cut for Dave and his dad for quite some time. Unfortunately, Dave’s dad passed away which meant a road trip. OF COURSE they would go to South Dakota from Oklahoma for a funeral. That’s what we “wheaties” do. In December 1996, we gathered the kids and headed to a funeral in Jordan, Montana. It was the coldest funeral we’ve ever attended.  There was no way we were going to miss it and I’m certain that’s exactly how the Misener’s felt. The way I see it, we’ve got family scattered from Texas to Montana!

Friday rolls around. “GPS says we will be at your house at 7:30 but we have to stop and pick someone up in Vermillion so it might be 8:00 – just depends how this load pulls”.  The load was a 32 ft. flatbed trailer with a John Deere tractor on it.  My answer, “I’ll have hotdogs to roast and tea to drink. Maybe a few beers, too. :)” Company is reason enough to start a campfire!

photo 2 (1)When I got to the backyard to start the fire, this beautiful sunset greeted me. 

photo 1 (3) - CopyThese spruce trees, planted in 1992, provide a perfect nook for a cozy campfire. You can almost believe you’re sitting somewhere in the mountains. 

photo (5) - CopyThe Z Crew and the Misener Family Harvesters together for a hotdog, s’mores & fellowship!

photo (5)

How sweet is this? Leslie and Elizabeth are Kristy’s grandchildren. If you follow the High Plains Journal All Aboard Wheat Harvest blog, you’ll recognize Leslie from some of Emma’s videos. After I took this picture, Leslie told me to put it on Facebook – so I did.

The Misener’s are in the same boat as we are with nowhere to go to cut wheat. They have nothing to do until their job in South Dakota is ripe. This was their story last summer, too. However, there was a whole lotta combining going on around that campfire! They stayed until 12:30 and then hit the road once again. What I wouldn’t give to have a house large enough they could have just crawled into bed rather leave. I’m so glad they felt they could stop – even for a few hours.

Saturday afternoon, Mr. Eli came over for a visit. Jamie and Curt were going to do a little shopping and go out for an early supper and he was going to hang out with us for a while.

Is that not the sweetest little boy you ever did see? 🙂

And then it just got better. Brooklyn and Jillian came over. I had told them before we left for harvest, I thought it would be fun to have a campfire and pitch the tent. That’s exactly what we did. Again, we roasted hotdogs, ate smores and looked at the stars. We found the big dipper, the north star and looked for satellites. I hope the time will be a forever memory for the girls. As for me…it was a great time to get to do what I love – spend time with the kids, sit by a campfire and sleep in a tent.

Didn’t I JUST mention something about a sweet little boy? I may have to take that statement back as I’m certain there’s a bit of a naughty side that was caught in these pictures. Poor Jillian just about lost an eye!

And…one more picture. I’ve got to show you how much my newest baby is growing.

photo (7) - Copy

How did you spend your weekend?



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  1. Missed seeing your little kitten, did you end up camping out Saturday night with the kids?

  2. Candi Rathe says:

    The girls had a great time, Thank You !

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