We gambled and won – for once!

It rained this morning.

Going with the safe bet worked for us this time! Unfortunately, what the rain did, though, was set us back on getting the equipment cleaned and loaded. We got everything done before it got too dark except loading the combine. This will have to be done in the morning and shouldn’t take too long.

Because of the rain, we ran into Wichita Falls to take care of a couple of errands – one being new mudflaps for Frank. They weren’t exactly the ones I wanted but you do what you have to do! And…I have moved up in the world!! I am now a proud owner and user of a SMART phone! No more flip phone for me while in DC – I’ll be smart just like the rest. 🙂 I can’t wait until Taylor and Callie get here so they can show me everything this thing can do.

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“Something’s going on with the sun!”

We finished the job(s) we have been working on since late Monday afternoon. And, it was pretty much nonstop once we got rolling on Monday (today is Sunday).  Believe me; I am ready for a break – even if that’s just a moving-day break!

The job we started yesterday ended early this evening – just as a storm wanted to move towards the field. The farmer asked us if we would cut a little more but Jim didn’t want to get caught starting a field, it starting to rain and we really need to get moved to job #2. So, we played a little less risk and decided to call the job complete.  Burkburnett, Texas…it was fun but it’s time to move on.

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Back to Just the Two of Us

Today, we were able to pick up more work.

It felt real odd being in the field without the Reimer crew!! I enjoyed the activity the larger crew brought to the day and feeling like part of a team. However, today was what I was used to and it felt nice, too. One  machine means a slower pace! For most of the week, me and Frank were on the road constantly. Today meant a little more breathing time.

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The Final Round of Job #1

The wind blew today. It blew so hard, it blew the mud flaps right off Frank! I believe the southerly “breeze” was blowing as hard as 40-45 mph. I faced my truck towards the east most of the day so that when it was time to roll the tarp, it was rolling with the wind. If I had it facing west and tried rolling it, the wind would catch the tarp, blow it up and probably tear it right off the box. I DIDN’T need that to happen! Sometimes, if I had to face Frank in a different direction, the grain cart driver would block the wind so the tarp wasn’t in jeopardy.  It was warm again – 92 – but with the wind, it made it more tolerable being in the truck.

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Excuse me, can you tell me what that big building is?

Today seemed more like a typical harvest day. We were able to get started before 10:00. Moisture was 13.1% with my first load. Weather man said it was going to be a warmer day than we’ve been seeing. One thing I think we all forget about because the wheat’s ready to cut now is it is still only the middle of May – not the end. So, I wonder if the cooler temps at night and the not-so-brutal day temps are because of the day we see when we look at the calendar. Today WAS warmer, though – 98 degrees with a little breeze. It was definitely a drink-your-water-jug-dry kind of day!

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A New View

The day began earlier than we were used to while  on “vacation” (due to the rain break). This morning, we had to move the trailer house. What a pain!  Everything had to be taken down, slid in, unplugged and removed just as if we were moving 250 miles.  This little trip was taking us to another section of the park – with lower voltage electricity (no air) and no sewer hookup.  Apparently the owner of the KOA had people coming in who had booked our space over a year ago. So, we have a new view when we look out our windows for the next three days. After those three days, it will mean tearing everything down again and moving back to a real RV space.  I guess I could look at it as practice – how fast can the cottage on wheels go from stationary to road ready?

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We cut wheat today!

The day started out with dew. So much dew, it looked like it had rained. It was decided that we’d go out after lunch and try a sample just to see where we were at.

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