Cherry Pie and more

Things are pretty low-keyed in the Zeorian camp right now.

Yesterday was a day of being on the road. Callie and I left camp yesterday morning and headed for Woodward, OK. Jim and Taylor had left about an hour earlier to get Frank to his appointment with the mechanic. Frank had a leaky wheel seal and a broken spring.  I swear I’ve been treating him nicely…sometimes, though, things start falling apart because of age (believe me, I know).

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This morning while I was lying In bed listening to the rain and thunder it made me think about how rain is either a good thing or a bad thing – depending on one’s circumstances.

For me, at that very moment, it was a good thing. It was a pull-the-covers-to-my-chin sort of feeling. I could lay there and not feel bad that we were getting more rain which would extend our stay in Shattuck because the wheat wasn’t getting cut. I knew that before we left the field last night – only ½ hour before the storm hit – the final acre had been cut, the trucks had been dumped, and the combine had most of the field dirt blown off. When I realized there was no reason to feel bad for the rain, I enjoyed it.

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“Pure Pleasure”

Yesterday seems like a week ago and I’m even struggling to remember what we did other than cut wheat.

We finished the smaller of the two fields near Arnett yesterday and moved to the larger one. This field appeared to be a piece of cake. However, it’s yielding 60+ bushels per acre and the straw causes a little bit of an issue at times. So, it feels like I’m creeping when travelling at 3.2 mph. I remember when that speed was tops! The field is relatively flat – no terraces like the rest of them have had. And, the best part, it’s across the road from the elevator.

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Arnett, OK

Today began with a trip to Fargo for fuel and then back to the farm where the combine and header spent the night. A quick fuel up, wiping of the windows and we were off on our 12 mile tour. The final acres we have to cut are on the outskirts of Arnett, OK.  Once we arrived at the field, Jim thought the best thing to do was to put the header on the combine and test the wheat’s moisture.

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135 Acres Closer To Being Done

Pretty much a normal day with nothing much to report. We started and finished the field that we had to leave. It was PLENTY dry today! Test weights averaged 62/63 lbs, the protein was really low…7-8% and the average was 40/45 bushels per acre. The field was ROUGH with a lot of terraces. It took us the whole day to cut 135 acres. I like the variation the terraces bring to your day but if it’s time you’re trying to make, the flat fields are by far the best! We’ve got approximately 2 ½ days left of the acres we came to Shattuck for. Then what?? Will we move on or find something more to do around here?

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They’re Heeeeeerrreee

We put in a pretty full day today. It was hot – no wind – and the wheat is plenty dry now. No more worries about green. We can just GO! The test weights remain in the 62 lb range. The field we’ve been working on for the past two days will probably average 50-55 bushels. Not too bad considering this area was suffering from drought this time last year!

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Our Half Day Holiday

That’s what it sounds like when hail hits the side of a trailer house. It was right after we got in for the night that we heard the soft pitter patter of rain on the roof. Jim had me check the radar not more than 20 minutes earlier. There was NOTHING! So where did that come from?  We couldn’t even hear each other talk.
What this did was allow us to sleep in this a.m. And I had the morning to get caught up on laundry and take care  of some work I had been putting off on the computer. I have to take my computer to the Pizza Hut (which is basically in our front yard) and sit outside of the building to pick up signal. While I was sitting there,  a couple of employees came to work. Apparently they’re not used to seeing someone sitting on the bench at their back door with a computer. They both were a little concerned why I was there. 🙂