smile because it happened

dr-seuss-quote1So…it’s really going to happen.

Taylor and Callie will be packing up their stuff tomorrow. They have decided that it would be best to head home from Limon rather than make the big move to Denton, MT with us only to turn around and head home. Good choice, I suppose. However, for those of you who have followed our journey for at least a year, you know I don’t handle the goodbye very well. After the girls have left, the reminders of them being here with us are everywhere. Even their towels make me cry. Nothing new. You would think by now it just wouldn’t affect me like that. WRONG! So, tonight, I’m trying to soak in all the giggles, the yelling and the chatter between the two of them because in a couple of nights, that will be gone.  I’ll have tomorrow with them and then I probably won’t see them again for six weeks.  Ugh!

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it began only 17 days ago

It’s been 17 days since we arrived in Limon, CO. Today was the first rain day we’ve had since we started. We may have had down time previously but it wasn’t because of rain.  We were nearly finished with the acres we had lined up but the daily storms finally caught us yesterday afternoon (Saturday).  We had been lucking out with storms all around us but not on us.  It rained 1/2 inch yesterday and 1.5 inches today. I think we’re out of commission now for a little while. Today was pure torture for the girls. They had NOTHING to do and it nearly drove them crazy. I, on the other hand, had quite a bit to get caught up with. It took most of the day but it’s done again. I appreciate the days to get caught up on what gets pushed aside while we’re busy in the field.

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