meeting a love story face to face

1237066_10100299663010020_1663191947_nWe had visitors in Jordan the other day. Before our “chance” visit, I knew Jenny (aka @jenlynndewey) and Mark (aka @sunflowerfarmer) only through social media…Twitter, Facebook and Jenny’s blog,  Who would have guessed my simple question, “Coming through Jordan?” on a Facebook status would result in meeting a love story face to face?

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laboring on labor day

IMG_4517The view from on top of the combine.

I’m sure there are a large number of individuals involved with agriculture who aren’t taking today off. For this, I say THANK YOU! Agriculture knows nothing but daily work (unless it’s raining). And, even then, there’s always something that can be done. Required maintenance on equipment and animals still need to be cared for regardless of the weather. Picnics, vacations and holidays are taken when there is a window of opportunity – not because it says so on the calendar.

As for this little piece of the Ag world, we’re sort of in limbo right now.

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pieces of a montana past


When we first came to this part of Montana 32 years ago, the residents of this state hadn’t been here all that long. The  community of Jordan dates back to 1896. In 1919, the county of Garfield County was established and Jordan became the county seat. Jordan was incorporated in 1951. As you can see, Jordan’s history is relatively young.

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what? another week is gone?


You know, when you get involved with the day-to-day stuff that being in the field is all about, the last thing that gets done is posting on Nebraska Wheatie! Oh…I think about it at the end of the day but most times, taking my shower and finishing up the what-needs-to-be-done-before-you-go-to-bed chores takes precedence. And then, all at once, another week has gone by! No wonder it feels like the summer has zoomed by!

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just long enough

Well, we made it to what could be our final stop for the 2013 harvest season. Coming back to Jordan feels like returning home! We’ve been coming here since 1981. My Grandpa & Grandma were looking for wheat to cut when we stopped here 32 years ago. Who would have known just how important this little town would become to the Z Crew!

img_4491Before we left Denton, Jim and I cleaned the combine and header – AGAIN. My job…the header. Yuck! I sent Taylor & Callie a text and asked them if they missed this mess.

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