moving day

Thursday morning I woke up, looked out the window and saw other trailers. For a brief moment, I had to search the ‘ole memory bank to remember where the heck we were. Oh…now I remember – Limon, CO. This is our 7th year in Limon. We won’t be cutting for the same farmers that we had for the past six. Their last harvest was last summer. They decided it was time to do something different for a while. As you may recall from earlier posts, when we left home over four weeks ago, we didn’t have a job lined up to replace this one. God is good! We’re working for a new farmer. New names to put with new faces. New adventures. New people to add to our Christmas list. Most of the people we work for end up becoming more than just a job! Continue reading

we hit a wall (a big, cement one)

Our 4th of July was a little unlike any we’ve had in the past. We shared nearly two hours of the day with Teresa Scanlan (2011 Miss America) in our wheat field. Conrad Weaver (Conjo Studios) brought her to the field to “hang out” with us for a little while and to experience being in the combine while learning about our industry. Teresa is a true agvocate (advocate for agriculture) and is helping Conrad promote his documentary, The Great American Wheat Harvest. We had met her for the first time while we were in DC last March for Ag Day. Taylor and Callie found her very easy to talk to and enjoyed the company of someone closer to their own age. You can read here about the field-time-fun.

IMG_1262Jim said they laughed a lot and she was down to earth. Of course she’s down to earth – she’s from Nebraska!


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better than expected

It’s been a few days since I felt like I had time to play catch up with my writing. We’re still in Garden City and still cutting wheat. Considering the summer, I feel we’re fortunate to say this!

And…I’m feeling quite fortunate to tell you the wheat we’re cutting for our farmer is doing much better than expected! The dry land wheat has averaged 30 bushels per acre with a weight of 62 lbs. Gary, the farm manager, told me before we started that the dry land was going to do better than the irrigated due to the late freezes they had in April. He said it would be lucky to make 20 bushels per acre. We’re cutting that irrigated now – it’s averaging 65 bushels per acre! The weight is the same 62-63 lbs. The Yellow Beast doesn’t know what to do with good wheat and moving at a slower pace.

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a new place to hang our hats

We made it!

It was a LONG day for the Z Crew! We were packed up, hooked up and headed down Main Street of Shattuck before 9:00 a.m. 20130630-111137.jpgA meeting with the troops before heading out of town.

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