I’m sure they’re eating something but it’s not GREEN grass. 

We’re home, home! The final miles were driven yesterday. It’s been quite a long 5 days!  And so very HOT – 110 degrees on Wednesday and 105 yesterday. The Pete kept running hot all day on Wednesday – to the point it shut itself off going up a hill. That has never happened before. I asked Jim why it had decided to do it at that particular time and he said it was because of the intense heat and the four mile hills we were climbing. This heat and no rain is really taking a toll on our country. The Midwest is very, very sick right now!

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Time to Be Movin On

It’s time to tell J Town goodbye for another year. Our stay was a quick one; barely long enough to even feel like we were really here. And, as usual, the girls were just getting re-acquainted with their friends again and now it’s time to hit the road. The ‘ole heart strings are being pulled as it’s hard to tell good friends goodbye for another year!!

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Vacation’s Over – On the Road Again!

Our final night with the Graham’s a year ago.

Just a brief note to update you on our whereabouts. Still in Lusk…but not for long!

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A Recap of the Last Two Days

We made it to Lusk, WY early this evening. The trip from Jordan to Limon and back to Lusk was uneventful even though we had Friday the 13th to think about.The heat was cranked on high but since I wasn’t pulling anything, I had the luxury of air conditioning.

Wednesday night (after leaving Jordan) we made it as far as the parking lot of Walmart in Scottsbluff.

Hotel Pete

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Lunch and a Cattle Sale

We’re nearly two thirds done with our 2,100 mile trip from Limon, CO to Jordan, MT – back to Limon – back to Jordan.

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The Old Grey Goose Is Dead

(This was written Monday evening after we stopped for the day) Today started out early. I was up at 4:30 for a conference call at 5:00. It’s now 11:04 p.m. In between these two times, we have left Limon, CO and are spending the night in Lusk, WY.

Taylor helping Jim by making sure the Nasty didn’t drag as it was being driven on the trailer.

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We are now residents of Kansas

The above cloud formation was something we saw nearly every night since Saturday.

Since we finished on Saturday, the past four days seem like they lasted FOREVER!  The rain we received on Sunday morning continued on and off nearly every day. We were going to load up yesterday but it rained most of the day so we decided to wait one more day since there was no hurry to get to Deerfield.

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