Combines, Tractors, and so much more – it’s nearly showtime!

For the past week, I’ve felt like a kid on Christmas Eve. I haven’t been able to get a good nights sleep simply because my brain wouldn’t shut down after I hit the pillow. It’s convention time…the Z Crews favorite event of the year!!

rp_20130127-002230.jpgKent standing by the USCHI logo.

There’s always so many preparations for an event such as this. This year is even more challenging because we’ve never collocated our convention with any other show. US Custom Harvesters, Inc. is 30 years old as of April 2013. This year, we opted to collocate our anniversary convention with the AG CONNECT event being held in Kansas City, MO. It looks like it’s going to be one HUGE show! I’ve been watching my twitter and Facebook feeds daily for news and pictures of preliminary happenings. I’ve been feeling like harvest had started without me. Yesterday, however, that changed. I packed my bags, loaded them in the van and headed for KC. I stopped at the KC airport on my way to pick Kent up. He had flown from Grand Forks, ND.

20130127-003013Fun to see the USCHI logo amongst the other Ag groups!

Yesterday afternoon, we unloaded items from my van and toured the showroom floor while we had the time. The actual show doesn’t start until Tuesday so there’s still quite a little to be taken care of before the doors are open to the public. I’ll share the few pictures I took.





20130127-00340120130127-003354 There’s a whole lot more work to do before the doors are open but it’s beginning to look a lot like “Christmas”!

11 comments on “Combines, Tractors, and so much more – it’s nearly showtime!

  1. Marilyn Kuntz says:

    Oh, how I wish we were there…

  2. Doug says:

    Christmas is right! If only Santa would leave that Gleaner beside my Christmas tree I’d be a happy little boy! Lol It looks to be a good time, enjoy yourself!

  3. mmmmmmmmmm one can wish, well I mean I can wish šŸ™‚

  4. Doug says:

    Yes I want to, maybe next year, I’ll have more vacation time available. This pesky job thing gets in the way of all the fun! šŸ™‚

  5. Margaret Smith says:

    You sound like a kid in a candy store!! Have a great week! šŸ™‚


  6. RealRanchers says:

    Thanks for linking to us on your site! It’s fun to see your experience at AgConnect as well!

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