and those montana sunsets!

photo 1 (6)Yesterday was the 12th day since the rains began and we finally got rolling again.

While we were still in our waiting-for-the-ground-to-dry period, Jim surprised me with a trip to the mountains. We left Friday afternoon and got back early evening on Tuesday. I’ll have more to share about that when I can get caught up on the piles sitting all around me. For now, though, the Beast is eating wheat again and that’s a good thing! Most everyone you visit with here will tell you they’ve never experienced anything quite like the rain we had. Jim’s been a bit worried about what the ground was going to be like – rightfully so – but we’re moving along quite well. Just to make sure we didn’t need it, we brought the tow rope to the field with us. And, so far so good!

We finished with the acres that we left before the rains set in and moved to a few more that we hadn’t been counting on. If nothing blows up (as Jim always says), it looks like we could be finished with Jordan by the end of the day. What’s next? I’m going to guess the big clean up and move home. Who knows, though, maybe there’s a plan different from ours. Stay tuned…

photo 2 (1)The mountains were calling me (more like screaming at me). Such a weird feeling knowing that only a couple of days before we were driving through those mountains. The same mountains I was gazing at longingly from the grain bins a couple of weeks ago (and today).

photo 3 (3)I took both of these from the top of the grain bin.

photo 4

IMG_6689As the day grew long, the clouds began to drift closer and closer until they were directly over us. They only produced about two raindrops (thank goodness) before they moved eastward towards North Dakota.

And those Montana sunsets!


IMG_6698Notice the Beast?

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (2)

5 comments on “and those montana sunsets!

  1. Linda says:

    Great pictures, so glad you had a little trip and also glad you are about finished so you can move home to your girls. I am sure you have missed them a LOT by now. May God bless you as you are finishing and traveling. Jack said to tell you is you want to swing by this way again, there is plenty of proso to pick up. LOL

    • Nebraska Wheatie says:

      Thanks, Linda!
      It sounds like we’re gonna be packing up and heading south within the next couple of days. I don’t know why it’s always so hard to go back to the “previous” life even with kids and grandkids waiting for us. It almost makes me mad when Jim is in such a hurry to go back. Maybe another year we’ll be able to come help with the proso. Good luck with that and if you ever make it to Eastern NE you better make sure and give us a holler!

  2. Beautiful pictures, sunsets are the best. What history and time period those old pull combines come from? Good to here you are dune or almost dune and did not need tow rope. Have a safe trip home.

    • Nebraska Wheatie says:

      You know, Allan, I didn’t walk down to those old combines. there was a lot of tall grass and a barbed wire fence between me and them. I opted to just capture their beauty from on top of the grain bin. 🙂 We never had to use the tow rope so I guess it was good that we had it along with us afterall. Thanks for the wishes of a safe trip home. It will start happening within the next day or so, I expect.

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