Russell, KS

Do you remember my final thought of last night’s post? ” I wonder what tomorrow will bring?” Well…let me tell ya about today:

Last night Jim was concerned the Pete wasn’t sounding quite right. He didn’t let me know his concern until we were walking to the restaurant for supper. He said he didn’t think it sounded like it was running up to par since we had stopped on the Kansas/Nebraska line for a short break.  This morning, before starting the truck up, he was looking things over and said, “I think I see what could be the problem and it ain’t good”. Four bolts were broken on the exhaust manifold. Several calls were made – a couple to fellow harvester friends – and then to a repair shop in Ellinwood.

The repairman could come to us rather than risking more damage to the truck trying to get it to the shop so we told him where he could find us. Before any action started, Jim decided we should separate the combine & grain trailer from the truck in case we would have to leave before the repairs were completed. He blocked up the trailer with multiple pieces of wood blocks (I told you he is prepared for anything). When he pulled away from the trailer, the weight of the combine lowered the trailer just a little more than Jim would have liked and it would make it difficult to hook the train back together. Therefore, he decided while he was waiting for the repairman, he would dig a couple of holes for the back tires of the truck to go in which would help lift the trailer when it was time to hook up again.

At  10:30 a.m., Casey Martin from RMACs (Ellinwood) showed up. Thank goodness! As soon as he saw what he was up against, Casey got out the necessary tools and began what turned out to be an all day ordeal. We were still parked in the lot of the Russell Salebarn with no shade from the heat of the Kansas sun. The partly cloudy sky certainly helped with the direct heat but it still reached almost 90 degrees. I did what I could in the cab of the Pete but it got too warm and I needed to use the bathroom. So, I did what I like to do best – walk through antique stores. There just happened to be one next door. When I walked through the door, I knew I could be there just as long as I wanted and wouldn’t have to feel like I needed to be anywhere doing anything else – IT FELT GOOD! It was a perfect day for me! Thank you to the owners of the Encore Antique Mall for your hospitality and willingness to help:

In order to help the city of Russell with their economy, we spent money at the Dollar General store (cooler and water), the liquor store (ice), the hardware store (just for something to do), Pizza Hut (supper) and Russell’s Inn (for a shower).  Glad we could help the city  out just a little! And, all the while we were wandering and spending $$’s, Casey just kept doing what he was there to do. It took him all day to get those bolts removed and the new exhaust manifold in place. He did it all on very little water, no food (that I know of) and in the heat with no shade. That man deserves a medal!  Although I didn’t have one to give him, I certainly feel like I could recommend him and his repair shop to anyone and everyone who might need help within the Ellinwood and surrounding areas. Outstanding job, Casey!!

Thank you, Casey, for helping Zeorian Harvesting get back on the road leading to Burkburnett, TX!  We should make it tomorrow – if nothing more happens!

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