pickin up millet

So, from my last post, you know we had a Labor Day weekend excursion to the mountains while Taylor, Callie and Eli were here. I know they wanted to be in the field with us before they left for home but it didn’t pan out. We did, however, attempt to pick up a bit of millet on Monday. My memory isn’t as good as it used to be but I think that was a short day. We tried but it still needed more time in the sunshine.

This is proso millet prior to being swathed and laid in windrows. 

Millet windrow.

The Beast sporting it’s MacDon pickup header. 

Tuesday was the day! We got a good start and we harvested all day. No more waiting!

The days were all beginning to feel like the previous one (sort of like Groundhog Day) except today. Before we left the field last night, we had a very brief shower. We had already stopped for the night. Mostly because we had to. We ran out of trucks to fill and, unfortunately, I found a very green spot with long, stringy weed plants that hadn’t dried down very good. Yep, I plugged the rotor and sheered a concave bolt. Dang!! Before we got the slug loose enough to run it through the machine, the lightning and thunder was all around us. The others had already left the field by now.

This morning started just like any other morning until we got to the field. A cloud built up right over the top of us, it cooled down and a few rain drops fell. I was told if I wanted to head into Limon to catch up on laundry, I could. So, while I’m waiting for the clothes to dry, I wanted to catch up on our happenings. The cell service where we’re staying is pretty sketchy so I try to do what I can and if it doesn’t work I just wait til I can find better service. I don’t know why in today’s world there are still places in our rural communities that have no cell service!! You would think that’s where it is needed the very most.

So, I’ll get these pictures and videos of the past week posted and about then, the clothes should be dry and I’ll bet my computer battery will be nearly dead. 🙂  Enjoy!!

PS…the millet is doing very well! They had plenty of moisture when it was needed the most. I believe it could average 50 bu/acre and the test weight has been excellent – 51+ lbs.

South of Limon, there is a new “wind farm” in the process of being built. When we come back to this country next year, the horizon will look completely different. They’re in the process of building 190 wind turbines. I’m not a fan of these. I feel like they clutter the landscape and I wouldn’t want them in my backyard. So, it’s a good thing I don’t live here! They will be in some of the same fields we’ll be harvesting. Nothing new for some harvesters but it will be new to us.

One of 190 wind turbine bases. 

See it over there?


final days of wheat harvest 2015

Most of these pictures don’t need any “splainin”.




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welcome to our dining room


Eleven days ago…

That’s how long it’s been since I actually took the time to sit in front of this screen and share what the heck is going on with the Z Crew.

The girls made it back. They showed up on the 6th and was put to work immediately. It was awfully good to have them back home with us – even though I’m certain they had a great time with friends while they were away. Callie and her group placed 4th in the nation for their Local Chapter Annual Business Report. 4th in the NATION. I’m so proud of her! So, her trip to Chicago was a success.

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the goodbye will be hard

photo 1 (13) - Copy

It’s too quiet in here!

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came as strangers – left as family


The days have been long.

Since my last post, we’ve moved to Limon, Colorado – higher elevation, cool nights and no biting flies (oh…and a view of Pikes Peak from the field). Since six days have already come and gone, I’ll take this one day at a time and get caught up.

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our EXTENDED raincation

IMG_4151Yes, you read that right. More rain. It came down in sheets starting just before midnight on Friday night (6/27). Jim was watching the radar and kept me posted how it looked. “Whelp, it looks like it’s raining at the combine but it looks like we won’t get anything here. It’s headed Northeast”. Then he fell asleep on the couch and it began to rain. Well, first I noticed the intense lightning that kept flashing through the closed shades. So I went to the door and realized the storm was headed directly for us.

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the salt of the earth (video)

One of the events that I have come to really enjoy being a part of is the Association of Canadian Custom Harvesters, Inc. convention. It isn’t the warmest location in the world to vacation in December BUT it certainly brings together a lot of great people. And…it shouldn’t surprise you. Custom harvesters (regardless of the country they call home) are a different breed of people – some of the best you’ll ever meet and good to surround yourself with. Jim and I left for Lethbridge, Alberta on Tuesday morning. I waited until the last-minute to pack (like I always seem to do) and Jim set the alarm for 3:00 a.m. The flight left at 6:00 a.m. I went to bed at 1:30. “Good, this will give me an hour and a half to catch some sleep”, or so I thought. I woke up at 2:00 and felt like I had been sleeping for hours. Who knows why I woke up – maybe I was afraid we were going to sleep through the alarm? Tuesday felt like it lasted an entire week. I would catch myself wondering, “did this really just happen this morning”? Continue reading