“Won’t you meet me in Montana?”

We had a fun day yesterday after we picked Jenna up. Taylor had an ulterior motive for Jenna’s visit – take senior pictures. I had been the prop scout while driving around this community the past two weeks. We certainly had a hot day trying to get that plan accomplished.

The girls goofing around after being reunited again.

I knew that we HAD to take the girls to the Judith Basin while they were here. While in Great Falls, we got a text from our good friends, Coke and Terry, wanting us to come for supper. They were the reason we came to this area in the first place. Perfect! That trip to Judith Basin was going to work out just right. My pictures will not do this beautiful valley justice!!

Supper was to be ready at 8:00. So we knew we couldn’t lollygag too long. We drove down one side of the basin, over the bridge and turned around. Time was getting away from us and it didn’t look like we were going to make it. I was a little concerned because Coke and her family had been in the field all day and were probably hungry, tired and ready for the day to be over. Then…Jim decided he would attempt to remember a short cut we had taken two years ago. After several minutes of driving, he decided MAYBE he hadn’t found the right road after all. Lucky for us, our paths crossed with another family in the wheat field. So, Jim asked how to get to where we needed to go. They directed us to a road we had almost found on our own. We were about 1/2 hour late. Most of the crew knew we were going to be later than planned and ate – which I was glad of! We had a lovely evening catching up and left WAY too late (most were tired and we were concerned about the deer). Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY! Thank you for the wonderful meal and your hospitality, Terry and Coke!

Today, we worked on more barley. This day was much better than the previous day’s barley dust. It was cooler and we had a nice breeze to help carry it away. The girls packed a lunch and went to Crystal Lake (in the Little Snowy Mountains). While driving out of there, they saw a small black bear. That would have been exciting! Later in the afternoon, they made their way back to the Denton area for the rest of the evening. We ate at the Shade Tree Cafe. Can’t say enough great things about this little hometown diner!!!

I’m already dreading tomorrow – tonight. The girls will be leaving camp early in the morning for home. Sad…very sad…day!

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  1. Harry and Sharon Drake says:

    Don’t worry about your pictures doing justice to that country, i don’t think any pictures do, no matter who takes them. They were good anyway. So how much more do you and Jim have cutting after the girls leave?
    We are still very hot and dry here and the soy beans are doing nothing. One guy said today that some are baling them up. We went to a farm auction of an older couple this morning. They did not have any thing we needed,but was good to be around farm people.You can tell them a long way off. ha good folks
    We have a burn ban for any type of fire here in our county. Had a couple fires by equipment . Most farmers have water tanks on trucks ready in case of fire before the fire department gets there.
    Nice you could visit with friends. Take care Harry and Sharon

    • We moved back to Jordan today with the first load. We’ll go back after the combine tomorrow. We have a few days to help a friend get finished up and then I suppose we’ll be making our way home again. I’m not looking forward to the end of harvest. It always makes me sad to see it come to an end. Taylor and Callie (and Jenna) are home. They got home late this afternoon. It’s a relief to know they made it! This drought is HORRIBLE!

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