3rd Annual “FYNO” Camping Trip

Packed and ready to go!

The third annual “Freeze Your Nads Off” camping trip has come and gone – three weeks ago already. The day we packed up and headed out was also Taylor’s 18th birthday. A long time ago, I started a tradition of decorating the kitchen for each of the girls when it was their birthday. It seems I always do it the same way – simply because how differently can you decorate a room with streamers and balloons? I decided to try something a little different this year.

Our first camping trip included Mark, Candi and the girls. They had a trailer house which helped with the food preparation and provided a warm place to go – should you need a warm up.  Last year, they were unable to go with us and we missed them. This year, our group grew by one family when Chance, Tracy and the little girls decided it sounded like fun. They had been camping with Jamie, Curt and Jenna during some of the hottest days of the summer and the cooler weather sounded like a better deal. And, as you’ll notice, we ALL had tents this year. This meant a little more creativity for the food and the cooking process! The best meal we had was on Saturday night – roast with potatoes, carrots and onions and rolls – cooked in cast iron dutch ovens with charcoal. This isn’t new to Mark but it was a learning experience for me! I purposely did not include those pictures because I will do a separate posting about that experience.

This is the park we headed for. It took us just a little while longer getting there than intended because our driver made a wrong turn. It was all good…it provided for more quality family time! 

We all rode together. “All” being the original six. Curt had to work that day and would be heading down later in the afternoon.

I wouldn’t be a true “wheatie” if I didn’t notice wheat! This Kansas wheat looks nice and green among all the brown!

Once we made it to the park, we found the rest of the campers and got our tents set up. The above picture does not include the fourth tent – although it was there, it just didn’t make the picture. I won’t bore you with much of the details. I have a large number of pictures that will give you an idea of the great time we had! The only mishap for the weekend was Chance losing his appendix. He complained of not feeling well earlier on Saturday afternoon. We figured it was just his way of getting out of eating roast (he doesn’t like roast…can you believe that?). However, as the afternoon turned to evening, the pain got worse and it wasn’t until Tracy handed the baby to me saying, “Chance wants me to take him to the emergency room”, did I realize just how serious it was. 

Be prepared…lots and lots of pictures follow!

The end of the first day.

As the sun begins to set, we all begin to huddle around the heat of the fire.

Bright & early Saturday a.m. Not many people out of the tents yet. 🙂

Chance was given the official job of “bacon cooker”. This stove was the bomb!

Mark must have been telling a story while waiting for his biscuits to finish baking in the dutch oven. 

Jim was making sure the rest of us were doing what we were supposed to be doing while drinking some hot tea (someone has to be the boss).

I got to practice being Grandma.

Mark & the girls thought it would be great fun to wake Curt & Jamie up.

Saturday morning took us to Wal-Mart for a few necessary supplies – one being more “headlights” for better nighttime vision.

Not much to do except sit, relax and listen to the Nebraska football game on the radio!

Lots of hot chocolate!

Delaney was trying her best to wake Jenna up!

Delaney thought Abe should have a few of her crackers. Abe wasn’t going to argue!

Looks like Jamie has her “headlight” on!

The girls were pretending the cooler was their boat.

Our last meal together before heading our separate ways on Sunday morning. The tents were down and pickups were packed. Tracy and the girls would be heading to the hospital to get Chance.

Curt sitting by what once was our campfire.

Jim having fun playing with the little girls.

Don’t we all look purdy! Eating one more s’more before leaving camp.

Saying our good-byes.

This was taken as we were driving across the dam. Our campsite was down in those trees. We all had a grand time and are looking forward to our 4th annual “FYNO” camping trip. Next fall, however, we’ll have another addition to the crew – baby Hermesch. Maybe next year, we’ll have to get t-shirts made to commemorate the event…WAIT…better yet – sweatshirts!

8 comments on “3rd Annual “FYNO” Camping Trip

  1. Terry Nanninga says:

    We live northeast of Tuttle Creek. Looks like you had a good time.

  2. Cami McAndrew says:

    LOVE Tuttle Creek and Tuttle Puddle! Glad to see a K-Stater in your midst! I have some great memories of that park. Glad you guys had a good time. And CONGRATS to the soon-to-be parents and grandparents!

    • Hey Cami! It was a lot of fun and not even that awful of a drive! I hope we go back again. Most of all, it was just fun being together for more than a couple of hours. We all look forward to camping so our 4th annual cant come soon enough! I will forward your congratulations to the parents! Can’t believe a new generation will soon be starting! Tell your folks hi too!

  3. Ethan says:

    Looks like a blast! Relaxing around the campfire is so fun. My family hasn’t been doing it quite as long. This July will be the 3rd annual, but we cheat and use travel trailers. But that AC sure is nice in Texas heat in July!

    P.S. I get to visit your state tomorrow.

    • Why did you visit Nebraska?

      We LIVE in the travel trailers for 100+ days in the summer. That’s not camping to us 🙂 (although it is convenient!)

      • Ethan says:

        Our local Valley irrigation dealer took a bus load of customers to tour the factory in McCook. I decided to go along with dad. The technology in that plant is amazing. I can’t believe some of it.

        I can sure understand that. Once my dream of custom cuttin’ is fulfilled, I will be living in a camper too… hopefully things piece together to get the business started soon.

        • That sounds like it would be interesting! I’ve never even thought about irrigation companies having a plant to be born in. 🙂 Makes sense! I certainly hope the plan of becoming a custom cutter works out for you! We certainly need a younger generation to take over when us old farts quit. 🙂

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