A Little Too Camera Happy


We had a day off on Friday but we got right back to work on Saturday. Back to the early mornings and late nights due to the 80 mile round trip drive to the field. We had a bit of bad luck last night as we were driving home. Jim hit a fairly large buck – but as luck had it – the service pickup suffered minimal damage. I really think our vehicles are deer magnets!

Back to our day off. Unfortunately, we didn’t really get a full day off. Ed called in the morning and told us he thought we’d cut about noon. So, I packed our lunch boxes and we headed out. We were about half way there when Ed called again telling us it looked like we’d have a little more time than he initially thought and that we could come out about 2:00. Well, we were already on the road so we kept going. While we were in the field, we serviced the combine and explored an old cellar that was in the field. I’m guessing a homestead was there at one time. 2:00 rolled around and we tried it – moisture was over 14%. Ed told us we could leave but he thought maybe he’d try it again later in the afternoon. While we sat there chit chatting with him and Cole, a rain cloud made its way over the field and showered on us. So much for any cutting! I believe the high was 65 degrees – not a good day to even think about cutting barley.

When we got back to the trailer, some harvest friends from Canada dropped by for a visit. Lee and Dana Peterson and their kids were in Lewistown because of the rain. They’re cutting near Winifred (north of Lewistown) and decided to come to town for something to do. It was good to see familiar faces! Thanks for stopping, Peterson’s!! If we don’t see you again before we leave, we’ll see you in Saskatchewan!

We finished the barley Saturday night. We’re back in the wheat. I got to run combine all day yesterday – whoo hoo!!

I’ve been a little camera happy these past few days. If you see anything you need me to explain or have a question, drop me a note and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you!

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8 comments on “A Little Too Camera Happy

  1. Nick says:

    Just want to let you know that I really enjoy your blogs and twitter updates. I am a Farm Manager in Southern Indiana and it is neat to see how things are done in different areas.

    • Thanks for letting me know you’re out there Nick!! Southern Indiana, huh? You’re seeing drought then too aren’t you?

      • Nick says:

        Absolutely. At the family farm in Southern Illinois most of the corn has already been zeroed out by the crop insurance adjuster.  I rode with one of my farmers last week over here in Indiana and the yield monitor was averaging around 30. It is not looking pretty. 

  2. Harry and Sharon Drake says:

    If only the cickle bar could talk, the interesting stories it could say. 1895 makes it 117 years old.wow. great pictures. thanks sharon

  3. Marilyn Kuntz says:

    Hope that means you’re coming to harvest and not just to convention!

    • No not to cut. Not this year anyways. I tried to talk Jim into doing it but he’s pretty loyal to the farmer at home for corn/beans. Maybe one day. We’ll see ya in December.

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