a month of celebrations

10257003_668897244524_7164288574946730326_nApril has whizzed on past and has left me wondering where the time goes!

HAPPY MAY DAY – well, a little late.

May Day used to be one of those days the girls looked forward to. I thought about each of them this morning and wondered if ANYONE still carries on the tradition (there I go again with traditions) of making and delivering May Day baskets? I always procrastinated with this “holiday” event but the girls would never let me forget that we needed to get them made and distributed to the  neighbors. I remember one year, in particular, we made a bunch of popcorn with the hot air popper (remember those?) and filled homemade construction paper baskets. We threw in a few pieces of candy (usually some that was left from Valentine’s Day) and maybe a few wild pansies. Jamie and Jenna loaded these particular baskets up in their red Flyer wagon, hit the streets of Manley and didn’t come home until all baskets had been delivered. Gosh…what fun memories of days ago! Did you do anything like that?

April was a full month of celebrations.

We had birthdays galore and a couple of anniversaries, too. The birthdays started on April 2 (Maureen & Holly), April 9 (Jim), April 10 (Mr. Eli turned one), April 22 (Curt), April 23 (Jenna) and April 26 (Candi). We celebrated two anniversaries – April 1 (Curt & Jamie’s 3rd) and April 17 (our 32nd). Do you suppose all of these celebrations helped speed the month along any? Oh…and don’t forget Easter!

None of the events compared to the celebration of Eli turning one.  I was recently going through past posts and re-read several “Still waiting”, “Soon – Very Soon!”  and “The Wait Was Oh So Worth It!”.  Reading these again certainly brought back memories and feelings. Memories that didn’t seem like they could possibly be over a year ago. I remember older people telling me, “if you think time is going fast now…wait until you’re ____”. I think I have reached that “____” because now I’m telling the younger generation that very same thought. Then, there’s Jim (Mr. Contrary) who will tell you, “Oh…it feels like it’s been that long ago”. I wish I lived in his world and felt that same way! How can that itty, bitty baby already be one? And – starting to show a little of the ornery personality that may continue to become more obvious as the days go on.


I stopped by Curt and Jamie’s house today to visit – only for a minute. Apparently Eli did NOT like that I was invading his territory. He was very happy (at first) and then the “frownie face” returned and the “frownie face” turned into a scowl. Little stinker! In honor of my little “frownie faced” kid, I will share a few of his #1 birthday pics.




Actual birthday day. Eli is reading the card he gave Grandpa for his birthday.


Me and Eli celebrating with a birthday donut.






The Grandma’s


Great Grandma 


Brooklyn, Jillian & The Little Man






Poor kid…gets NO attention!

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  1. Jan Edgecombe says:

    Fun times!! Good pictures! JAN

  2. mom says:

    Tracy it must make God glad to see how you brighten up the world He created! You rejoice in the blessings He gives you. You look on the bright side of life and find the good in people. Your warm and caring nature blesses others,too. Time and time again, I’ve seen you put someone else’s needs before your own,and many times that someone has been me. God must be glad to have you around….I know I am!!!!!…Have Happy Mothers Day…love and kisses…xxxxoooo mom

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