It Feels Like Home

She wasn’t “home” when we left the driveway. “Home” was in Texas with another family. I sold the trailer house that had been home to us during the summer months last fall. What we left “home, home” with in May was an RV full of our belongings.

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Zeorian Harvesting finished the last acre of the 2012 wheat harvest last night. After a high-five and a “good job”, Jim and I looked at each other and smiled. Another year complete!

The past 110 days have revolved completely around wheat and being on the road. Today, the harvest letdown will creep in and continue to eat at me until everything is back home and real life begins again. It’ll be SO GOOD to be reunited with the kids but I’m not looking forward to being home. Home, right now, means routine, schedule, alarm clocks and the work of getting back to normal. The work of stepping back into the real world will involve chasing spiders and bugs from our house, unloading the cottage, deep cleaning the cottage (inside & out), and pulling a horrible amount of weeds. Ugh! Plus being thrown right back into the needs of school, church and any outside pulls.

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A visit from the Masked Bandit

These were on top of the engine compartment.

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It Just Feels Good!

We got back in the field late Tuesday morning. I was definitely in some sort of funk all day due to missing the girls and the mountains. By the end of the day, though, things sort of started falling back into place.

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Until you begin the next good book

The very first thing I need to do is tell my Dad Happy Birthday! I love you and hope you did something special for yourself today. I remember one birthday, in particular, we celebrated in Great Falls. I believe that was in 1983. I remember we sat there for what seemed like forever before we finally got just a few more acres to cut before having to head home. I know Pohney used to make you a special German chocolate cake and I can remember Tom “Thumb” always making a point to tell me to tell you Happy Birthday. Good memories!

Gathering the equipment to begin the chore of cleaning and getting ready to move…again.

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“Won’t you meet me in Montana?”

We had a fun day yesterday after we picked Jenna up. Taylor had an ulterior motive for Jenna’s visit – take senior pictures. I had been the prop scout while driving around this community the past two weeks. We certainly had a hot day trying to get that plan accomplished.

The girls goofing around after being reunited again.

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Nebraska Wheatie Celebrates

It was a year ago today that I took the giant leap into the world of blog. I hope those of you who take the time to read about our harvest journey find it enjoyable. Most of all, though, I hope it gives you a better idea of the custom harvest lifestyle and how our industry is a vital link between the field and market. Thank you for your encouraging words and comments!! They give me incentive to continue telling the story.

We are also celebrating the return of Jenna. She flew into Great Falls this morning. It worked out that we all were able to make the trip to pick her up. She was only expecting Taylor and Callie so it was fun to surprise her. While at the airport, we ran into a couple of our favorite MacDon guys – Karl and Paul. Who woulda thought! They had closed up the MacDon harvest support truck for another harvest and were headed home.

The rest of the day is going to be spent showing the girls some of the fine Central Montana beauty.