Eastern Colorado – The Land of Brown

We got up at 6:30 and were driving away from the campground at 8:30. That really does have to be a record for us. The girls worked together and we were able to get the trailer house “tore town” and hooked up in no time. It was difficult to have to tell the pups goodbye. They were at our cottage on wheels bright and early. I think they knew.

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Pulling Camp and Moving On

Before we began our day yesterday, we had 100 acres left to cut. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the last 30 due to extreme high moisture and green straw. In some parts of the field, it was like mowing grass. Continue reading

Back in the Wheat Field!

YES! We were able to get started cutting wheat on Monday. As you can see from the temperature in  Lakin on that day, it was plenty warm. Today (Tuesday) was hot (101), as well, and HORRIBLY windy!

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Just Another Day in the Zeorian Camp

I’m almost embarrassed to sit here tonight and say again that NOTHING has gone on in this camp. One more day of staring at each other and wondering what we could do next. Its days like this you wish there was a little more to do than that! We’ve now completed our 12th day of not being in the field. Our farmer has completed the dry land wheat. He wants us to cut the irrigated because he has a “stripper” head and doesn’t want that much straw left on the field. The Deerfield stop is not going to be one to write home about! Ah…but look at all this great family time! I’ve learned a long time ago that no two summers are EVER the same and weather is not reliable…EVER!

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An Honor and An Update

Illuminating Blog Award

It’s always fun when you receive comments from people you don’t know because it means someone is actually reading your blog. What’s even more fun is receiving a comment from someone you don’t know telling you they like your blog well enough to nominate you for an award. Thank you, C. J.,  and Food Stories Blog –http://www.foodstoriesblog.com for nominating me for the “Illuminating Blogger Award”. C. J. specializes in Food, Science, Recipes, Cooking & Stories about Food. If you love food and anything that has to do with food and recipes, visit her blog!

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It’s beginning to get a little tense around these parts

Oh my goodness! Patience and tempers in this camp are beginning to take a turn for the worse! We have been inside this trailer house entirely TOO LONG! The last time we set foot in a wheat field was June 2 – that’s 12 days ago.

Yesterday, the girls and I did escape for most of the day. We headed to Garden City to tour the FREE zoo and then did a little shopping – fun and grocery. We went to the zoo with friends (who are also harvesters… young harvesters). I mention young harvesters because that is an issue in our industry that really needs to be addressed.  It happened that Allie (harvester’s wife) could escape with the boys for a little while so they met us there.The Garden City Zoo is by far my favorite zoo! Even better than the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo, as far as I’m concerned. I could go there every day and not get sick of being there. It’s beautiful! This is its 85th year of existence and has always been free admission.

This little tyke’s name is Brooks.

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Boring, Boredom, Bored…Ugh!

I think the title of this posting will give you a pretty good view of what’s going on in camp today.

This is a part of the job that tends to wear on me. A day off (or even a couple of days) is always a welcome break. We’re on our 8th day of sitting – except for the two days of moving equipment to Deerfield. We worked pretty hard up to June 2nd which was the day we completed the last field in Arnett – just before the rain. So, I DID enjoy it… for a while.

Me and Callie

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