“binning” the grain

IMG_4355There’s two ways to get rid of the grain once it leaves the field. ¬†Once the combine(s) have dumped and the truck is full, the grain will either head for the elevator or to a grain bin (On-Farm Storage). My favorite, of course, is to the elevator.

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wordless wednesday – curious teenagers

The farmer’s wife called these guys “curious teenagers”because of their age. They certainly were curious about the machines being so close to their pasture!


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harvest time in montana…in a BIG way (video)

20130815-124711.jpgThe above picture shows you the reason I can begin to fill you in on how the past ten days have gone. It will be two weeks ago on Wednesday night that we came rolling into Denton. It seems like at least two months ago. Those semis you see in the picture are lined up waiting to haul the grain away from the elevator. They’re pretty much always here with those of us waiting to dump. It’s somewhat a vicious circle. The crop is amazingly large this year! We’ve been cutting 75+ bushel wheat since we started. Jim says there’s one four-letter word for it…SLOW. We have been lucky to get about 60 acres cut per day – per machine (we’re cutting with the farmer).

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jim & tracy’s excellent adventure part 2

This story left off with us parked for the night at a truck stop in Scottsbluff, NE. This was Monday night.