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IMG_4748 Today was Eli’s 6 month birthday. And how did he celebrate? He went to the soybean field with his mama to ride in the Yellow Beast with his grandpa.

So many years have passed since Grandpa and Grandma were a part of fall harvest. Some of my fondest memories of harvest and fall is in a combine with Grandpa watching the corn “dance” in the header. And seeing Grandma in the truck. After high school, I lived with Grandpa and Grandma for nearly six months. I took over the truck driving for Grandma and hung out in the field with Grandpa as much as I could.

We were picking corn the day my Grandma passed away. It was a beautiful Nebraska fall day. One like I had spent in the field years before with Grandpa and Grandma. The combine roaring up and down the rows of corn, the truck waiting to be filled with the golden kernels, a bright blue sky and a sportscaster on the radio blaring out, “Man, woman and child” as six more points were added to the Nebraska football scoreboard.

These memories are the reason why it made my heart swell with joy when I received these pictures from Jamie. I couldn’t go to the field with them because the Yellow Beast has been replaced with a bright yellow school bus. Happy six month birthday to our fifth generation custom harvester! I hope one day you’ll be able to have great memories of hanging out in the cornfields with your Grandpa and Grandma too! IMG_4744   IMG_4745   IMG_4746   IMG_4747     IMG_4749   IMG_4750   IMG_4751 IMG_4752     IMG_4753 IMG_4754

6 comments on “nebraska, corn and eli

  1. mom says:

    Hi Tracy,Jamie,Eli…..What a sweet picture….one thing I know…Eli really was a “HIT”..with my gals at work…Valeen talked about him all day at Sams…was fun having you share him with me at work
    hugs and kisses…XXXXXOOOOO gma barb

  2. Margaret Smith says:

    A steering wheel and a nap…makes a guy happy! Thanks for posting the pics of Eli…that boy just keeps getting cuter and cuter!! 🙂

  3. awax1217 says:

    An extremely cute child. You are very blessed.

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