the past six weeks in a nutshell – part 2

The next days of being home meant unloading the Cottage. You have to remember that when we left in June, I had basically loaded everything I would need from our house into the Cottage. The house was closed up to everyone and everything EXCEPT the spiders. They apparently went to work overtime this summer in making our home their home. The first thing I needed to do was recapture my home and send those nasty little devils on a hike (thanks to the vacuum cleaner)! Cleaning the Cottage is so much easier!

On Saturday morning, we were up early with a destination of Boone, IA – we being Curt, Jamie, Eli, Jim and me. Earlier in the summer, Jamie and I had purchased tickets to ride the train knowing how obsessed Eli is with trains. It was going to be Eli’s day of “go go’s”. I couldn’t wait to see his reaction once we got to the depot and he would see the trains. The day was gorgeous! A bit of a summery heat but it was better than too chilly!












10665873_10152721751961147_6020174064436694348_nIt was a long day by the time we finally got back to Curt and Jamie’s house. It had been a long week! And…look how much #2 has grown!

10615528_10152714410336147_2691766109567933626_nI’m thinking we wore Grandpa out!

The next week brought more cleaning, unpacking and bus driving.  The school is short of substitute bus drivers so it seems like I’ve been driving a route nearly every day for someone. I really love being with the kids but it’s just so hard to quit what you’re doing mid afternoon and put the bus driver hat on. But, it’s working…so far.

The next adventure was a trip to Grand Island to partake in the Harvest of Harmony parade. This has become a tradition at our house because each of the girls have participated. Last year, I was the bus driver and didn’t get to watch the band. But, once again, I enjoy being with the kids but I really wanted to see them march this year. Jamie, Eli, Taylor and I left really early Saturday morning (like 6:30) to be there in time to watch them. We got there in plenty of time! It was cold but Eli seemed to enjoy the bands as we waited for ours. The wait was well worth it…they took 2nd place in the C1 category!!

IMG_6894A bit chillier than it had been just the week before.

10533450_10152728813011147_1873238709936592306_nThanks goes to Taylor for the next two pictures of our band.


1977275_10203940040212870_5376745783614152868_nFour days later, we celebrated Callie’s 17th birthday. How can this be? Sometime during this same time period, Jim got back in the field and started cutting soybeans. During the fall harvest, I’m not needed to help. I really miss being in the combine! The farmer we cut for only needs the combine and driver. I become one of those single parent/harvest widows at this time of the year. Jim’s still in the harvest world and we’re not.

10404374_10203893789936642_1527426742222451170_nTaylor’s gift to Callie was a ticket to see Lorde perform in Lincoln for her birthday. I know they both enjoyed it but Callie was really inspired by her and her story.

IMG_6912Not a great picture of Callie (but needed one for my book) but a really great one of the Coke bottle! Happy birthday, Cal!

IMG_6914A reason to hear more beautiful music coming from her bedroom!

IMG_6922One of my many bus trips included a trip to Humboldt with the varsity football team.

The last adventure I’ll share with you for now is homecoming. Callie had a date this year. In the previous years, she wasn’t dating anyone and went with her friends as one large group. Don’t they make a cute couple?




IMG_4784Callie and her best friend since kindergarten.

001They’ve grown up just a little bit since then.

IMG_4787Their “senior pose”. Please don’t hurry that event, girls!

That’s all for now…