Wordless Wednesday: Adventure






How is it That a Week has Disappeared?

CAUTION!    This is a lengthy – but fun – post!

It’s actually been 10 days ago that I shared with you the happenings of the Zeorian household.  When I left off on the 21st, we were about to begin an adventure at a local State Park. Plans changed. Instead, we packed a lunch and headed to the “Eagle’s Nest”. The Eagle’s Nest was built quite a few years ago – when Jamie and Jenna were much smaller. Then came along Taylor and Callie. Now… it’s Brooklyn and Jillian’s turn to play and imagine and have fun.

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Just Checkin In

Some days seem so much fuller than others! Mine have been more full than usual since Friday. So full that checking in with my blog and my blog friends has been tough to squeeze in. I’m going to take a few minutes before the next half of the day begins and we’re off on another adventure.

I agreed to have Brooklyn and Jillian spend the weekend with us while mom and dad went to the NASCAR race in Kansas City quite a while ago. What I didn’t have planned when I agreed to that was the amount of bus time I’d also be putting in at the same time.

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Wordless Wednesday


As Promised…Cheesy Potato Soup (and more)

Before I get to the recipe, I wanted to share a couple of items I found the other day while looking for something else. Surely you’ve never done that! The other day, I said something to Callie referring to the tigers which turned to butter in the story, “Little Black Sambo”. That was one I remember my Grandma reading to me and it was a favorite of mine. Callie had no clue what I was talking about and I wanted her to read it. Well, for some reason, it wasn’t in the place I always thought I remembered it being in. Instead, I found these great reminders of days gone by:

This is an old postcard Grandma sent from Regina, Saskatchewan in 1972. Her friend, in turn, returned it to Grandma and then Grandma gave it to me (knowing my love for the harvest). This is what is written on the back in Grandma’s handwriting, “We’ve had a very good year. This is like our 3 machines and we pick wheat up like it shows here in the North Country. Only we have cabs. I LOVE it up here. Pauline”

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The Field Trip

Yesterday started out on the cool to cold side. I didn’t know if I should have my Carhart on or a jacket. I decided to start with the Carhart and take the jacket for later in the afternoon. My day was going to be filled with 4th graders and one of their many field trips. The 4th grade is the year in our elementary school to learn about the history of Nebraska. In order to help pay for all the trips they take, they become mini salespeople. By far, their best fundraiser (in my opinion) is the Baker’s Candies – a favorite local chocolate company.

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Wordless Wednesday: A BOUNTIFUL Harvest!

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