nebraska, corn and eli

IMG_4748 Today was Eli’s 6 month birthday. And how did he celebrate? He went to the soybean field with his mama to ride in the Yellow Beast with his grandpa.

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Wordless Wednesday – Hands

I sat down to write a post about the final acres of wheat being cut today in Oklahoma; however, I decided to wait and will do a lengthy one later. I have a couple of really good pictures I wanted to share and since it’s “Wordless Wednesday”, I thought this was the perfect time.


Our family’s oldest and youngest hands. Grandma Dickson (age 95) and Eli (2 mos.)

1006106_519687211418710_1880583576_nWorking hands…Jim threshing wheat for a quick quality check. (thanks for sharing, Taylor)

Feeling a Little Blue Tonight (Video)

I should have more pictures to share but I don’t. But what I do have is a video that Taylor put together for the All Aboard Wheat Harvest. She and Jim had an uneventful trip (a good thing) to Shattuck, OK and back again.

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When Are You Leaving?

Answer…I don’t know.

That’s the question – and the answer – that seems to be fairly common for us these days. Everyone in our world knows that we should be getting ready to leave – and wondering why we’re still here. We have the “extreme weather” to thank for our sudden stop in action. Remember that “extreme” cold weather we had about three weeks ago? We had snow in May, Texas had a severe freeze.  The freeze put a halt on the pre-harvest work. Jim made the phone call to the fellow harvester we help. When Delaine saw that it was Jim calling, he didn’t even say hello – he answered the phone with, “I don’t know”.  The “I don’t know” was later changed to, “we’re not needed”. The insurance adjuster visited the wheat fields only to find the wheat crop MIGHT yield 4 bushels to the acre.  Not enough to justify the help of a custom harvester. It had to be a disappointment to our farmer but an even greater disappointment for us. No wheat…no income.

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Wordless Wednesday – Mr. Eli

913904_10151599471891147_1797574066_oOne of many pictures Eli’s Aunt Jenna took prior to leaving for Germany. We’ll have to wait until she returns from her extended trip before I can share more. Proud Grandma! 🙂


The Wait Was Oh So Worth It!

Let me introduce you to the newest member of the Z Crew:



Eli James was born at 5:58 this morning. He weighs 7 lbs 6 oz and is 20″ long with LOTS of dark hair! Jamie said, “no wonder I had so much heartburn”!

Jamie is doing VERY well and I’m so proud of her! She worked long and hard for that little guy. My only concern is…will we know how to take care of a boy? He missed sharing his birthday with Grandpa by 6 hours. Darn!

Soon – Very Soon!

I never thought sitting in the maternity waiting room would be so emotional. Maybe it’s the time of day (1:55 am) or maybe it’s just the emotions of the moment. Whatever it is, I never expected it! The tears just won’t quit.

I’m sitting here by myself concerned for my daughter’s well being! It’s the mother’s heart yearning to be with her child when she’s hurting. Something that was placed in my heart the moment I laid eyes on her 27 years ago.

I know Jamie and Curt were right in making the decision to do this as a couple but just so hard, as a mom, to sit here and know that always before when she was hurt and in pain, I was there for her.

So, I sit and I wait knowing that the next time I see my oldest daughter she, too, will be a mom. Maybe one day she will be sitting where I am and understand the uneasy feeling deep in my soul. The only way to ease that motherly desire to be there holding her hand and telling her its going to be ok is knowing that Curt is there doing that very thing. Still doesn’t ease that anxiousness that I’ve felt most of today.

I tried to stay away. And I did until about 3:30 this afternoon. The anxious feeling in my heart just wouldn’t give up till I was sitting in the room with her. Or walking the halls with her. Or helping through the contractions. Doing ANYTHING to help with her hurt.

I am truly anxious to meet my first grandchild! But right now, what I’m most anxious for is to get in that room and see for myself that Jamie is ok, give her a hug and tell her how proud I am of her!

After that…I will introduce myself to the newest member of our family!