Wordless Wednesday – Sweet Sixteen

Callie turned 16 yesterday. Hmmm…she was just a baby yesterday – my last baby.  Someone told me a long time ago how fast the years go. I had no clue til they were gone.

IMG_3129The night before, Taylor and I decorated the kitchen (a birthday tradition) and her car.

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STILL waiting!

Jamie’s due date was Monday, April 1. Tomorrow will be the week beyond the day she was expecting to give birth.

IMG_3138Last week’s doctor appointment      

I saw her today. Poor girl…she is MISERABLE! We had some really yummy peach/apricot wine (thanks Dale!) to sample this evening. She decided she’d have a few sips. She was paying for it big time with severe heart burn the rest of the evening. I remember being at the point she is now – just ready for my body to be back to “normal”.

While she was sitting here, she pointed to her belly and exclaimed, “watch this!”  I made it over to her just in time to see her lop-sided belly start to  move. One jab over here – another over there. While the whole family was gathered around her very swollen belly, we all began trying to coach that baby to make its appearance SOON! “Please, baby, come tomorrow”. “Stop being a bad baby and make your appearance”. “Come out NOW”!

She asked me to go to her dr. appointment tomorrow. No turning that request down! Maybe it will be her last. Jim’s birthday is Tuesday. I wonder if this baby is just waiting for Tuesday to roll around so it can celebrate his/her special day with Grandpa?

On another note, I hung clothes on the line today AND began cleaning garden debris from the flower gardens. I just can’t believe how therapeutic it is to dig in the dirt! My back is yelling a little tonight but I’m hoping I can get back out there again soon! It’s been a LONG winter and it sounds like the “S” word is making its way back in the forecast later this week.

It will soon start feeling like harvest is around the corner. The trailer house is coming out of storage on Wednesday. It has an appointment to get a few issues taken care of before the big trip south. I’m anxious for harvest to roll around but I’m NOT anxious to leave a six-week old baby and come home to a five month old. I will miss so much – it makes me want to cry!


Jamie – Our Firstborn/Our Guinea Pig/Our Leader of the Pack – turns 27

Twenty-seven years ago today, we brought home a tiny little baby – the beginnings of the Z Crew.  Jamie was just a little more than 24 hours old when we left the hospital in my little blue Subaru. It was sooo cold that evening, we couldn’t keep the car warm. I remember feeling like I was probably going to jail when I took that tiny little baby out of her car seat and held her close to me. I was hoping I would be able to keep her warmer than the car was providing.  Our little guinea pig was born at 1:01 p.m. on December 23, 1985.


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#3…this is for YOU!

“A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.” ~ Unknown

Taylor turned 18 on November 2. It was the day we left on our annual fall camping trip. Life happened and I haven’t been able to do a post just for her. This is your post, Taylor…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I decided what I wanted to do for you was to gather a few pictures together for all the world to see. What I really wanted them to see was a shortened version of the kid you were and the young woman you have become. I hope I have adequately done this.

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As Promised…Cheesy Potato Soup (and more)

Before I get to the recipe, I wanted to share a couple of items I found the other day while looking for something else. Surely you’ve never done that! The other day, I said something to Callie referring to the tigers which turned to butter in the story, “Little Black Sambo”. That was one I remember my Grandma reading to me and it was a favorite of mine. Callie had no clue what I was talking about and I wanted her to read it. Well, for some reason, it wasn’t in the place I always thought I remembered it being in. Instead, I found these great reminders of days gone by:

This is an old postcard Grandma sent from Regina, Saskatchewan in 1972. Her friend, in turn, returned it to Grandma and then Grandma gave it to me (knowing my love for the harvest). This is what is written on the back in Grandma’s handwriting, “We’ve had a very good year. This is like our 3 machines and we pick wheat up like it shows here in the North Country. Only we have cabs. I LOVE it up here. Pauline”

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“When You Only Got 100 Years to Live”

“15 there’s still time for you
Time to buy and time to lose
15, there’s never a wish better than this
When you only got 100 years to live”

“100 Years” lyrics by John Ondrasick – Music Video performed by Five for Fighting

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The title of this post will only mean something to Jenna and the rest of my family. 🙂 However, we certainly HAVE celebrated a couple very happy days recently. I will attempt to keep the number of words to a minimum because I’m sure I could get long-winded. The number of pictures I’d l ike to share will make this posting long enough.

On Saturday, April 21, Taylor went to her very first prom.

img_2866She had ordered her dress online – in plenty of time –  on Thanksgiving. When she received it, it was way too big. I couldn’t send it back to the “store” as it was created in China. So, the next thing we had to do was take it in. It was a job that seemed rather overwhelming to me but I was willing to accept the challenge. I had questions, though, how to make it happen and called upon a neighbor who had done dresses like this in the past for advice. Taylor and I went to Judeen’s house for help. Judeen, bless her heart, just took over the job. I think she knew it was going to be something I really didn’t want to tackle! And, I’m so thankful for her and what she did. You would never have known that dress was taken apart and re-sewn. THANK YOU, JUDEEN – you are a miracle worker!

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