A Red Letter Weekend!

Taylor was destined to receive the honor!

Grandma used to talk about “Red Letter” Days. These are the days that really stand out above and beyond the rest and are usually few and far between. When a Red Letter Day occurs, you NEVER want it to be over. Taylor was able to experience one of these – actually a Red Letter Weekend!

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The World That Most People Are In

It’s been three weeks ago that I spent the entire day sitting in the trailer house wondering what to do next. That was the first day of being thrown back into the non-harvest world and I had no idea where to start. Harvest feels like a dream ago. Did we really experience the summer wheat harvest?

In the past three weeks, I’ve emptied the cottage on wheels and have become part of the world that most people are in. There are harvesters still on the road doing what they started nearly five months ago. I miss that world. While driving around our rural area, I see the combines in the field and get homesick. Homesick for the lifestyle that we were still a part of just a month ago.

I keep ignoring the fact that the trailer house is still in dire need of being cleaned. Every day I think, “this will be the day I will begin that chore”. So far, every day goes by and I have yet to make that initial cleaning wipe! If I had all the money in the world, I would hire someone to come in and do it for me while I’m involved in the world that most people are in.

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