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I’m headed back home after being in DC this past week. I finally have a bit of time to myself to reflect on the past couple of weeks (actually months) and I find myself wondering where in the world the time went. How could it already be the first week of February? This makes me think about what I have traded my days for.

Why do we do what we do? I’m not talking only about our jobs but also our actions. What drives a person to do and say the things that we do? God and I have had some serious conversations lately about this. I feel like He’s provided me with a path that only He knows the “whys” and I’m to learn to understand. I believe we each have a purpose…a reason for being where we are, doing what we’re doing. Challenges are placed in front of us for specific reasons…which I believe make us better people.

The past weeks have provided me with reasons for our conversations to begin with, “Please help me to be the person you have intended me to be, to be more like you, and provide me with wisdom to say and do the right things”. I have certainly felt His presence and feel confident the path that was placed in front of me was laid out just as it was meant to be. People were placed in that path not only to challenge but also to  help and guide. I thank Him for working ALL THINGS for my good. The peaceful feeling of knowing that God was carrying me through the challenges eliminated the anxious feeling of having to be in control and worrying about the results (even through the tears).

We are promised only that which we are living at this very moment. Tomorrow is unknown – full of unknowns. I have chosen to make the best of today and to be a positive influence in the lives of others. To help people when needed – regardless of what they ask. To be there for a friend. To do what is right. I don’t understand the shysters of this world and I don’t even want to play their game. I may be challenged because I’m not playing, but that’s ok. I know who holds the trump card. I have to remember to listen to the voice of truth and know that what I’m doing is what is intended – what is expected.

IMG_7440So back to my initial thought…what am I trading my days for? To follow the path that has been laid out by God. To do HIS will. To provide a light in the dark. To walk down that narrow path with confidence that He’s guiding my every step-providing me with what I need to face the challenges and to be able to hold my head high. To live my life in a way that He will one day acknowledge by telling me, “Well done good and faithful servant”! To continue running the race knowing that every step I take is one that has been specifically put in place for a reason. To know that when I fall, He’ll be there to pick me up, brush off the dirt and send me on my way again.

Carpe Diem…seize the day!


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  1. Seize the day indeed!!

  2. Doug Lafuze says:

    You can fight Him and try to choose your own path in life, but it usually does not go well, I can attest to that! I’ve been doing a lot of looking back the past few weeks and I’ve noticed that I almost always take the easier of the two paths before me, and I’ve started looking at it like this. When life leads you to a fork in the road, there’s usually an uphill way that contains challenges and obstacles but yields fulfillment and happiness. Then there is the downhill way that looks easy, but usually has even harder challenges and obstacles that you can’t see because “someone” blocks then from your view and it leads to bitterness and misery. The more easy paths you choose in life, the further you sink, and the tougher life gets. When you consider man’s view of where heaven and hell are located, above and below, it becomes apparent who places each path before us. I’m speaking from experience here, because 9 times out of 10, I have chosen the easy path in the past, and I’ve been miserable and bitter. I’ve chosen a few hard, uphill paths here the past few months and life is looking much better! This latest path was extremely scary, so scary that I almost chose the easy way out again, but I bit the bullet and moved uphill, and an exciting new adventure has begun.

    Maybe that’s a weird way of looking at things, but, I’m a bit weird.

    • Nebraska Wheatie says:

      Absolutely right, Doug! And DON’T listen to the voice that tells you to take the easy road and run away from the challenge. It’s a loud voice and one that tends to be listened to the most. That’s why that path is so much wider and carries more traffic. Keep up the good work, Doug! I’ll be right next to you on that narrow path…we can walk together!

  3. This is a great post and I have shared it. Your words are ones that I sometimes say in my head to myself. Thank you for posting this today. God bless your journey and the path that lies ahead!

    • Nebraska Wheatie says:

      Thank you! I think those words were brought to mind for more than just me. I was simply the messenger. So glad they were a blessing to you! Thanks for taking the time to let me know you liked it!

  4. Tom Stegmeier says:

    Well said , Tracy . When you believe in yourself & going down the field that you have chosen with love and commitment the Lord is there with you. Life is not a easy harvest , we all know its has a few rocks hiding in the stubble & a soft spot we can’t see . When faced with adversity and take it on full bore, it seems the hill wasn’t that big after all. It’s always darkest before the dawn . When its to tough for everybody , it’s just right for me. a couple of family sayings..
    Talk about family how’s that grand daughter coming along , did you get the pictures we sent you ? Will be sending you a book ,Quest for Eden, Our pioneering grandparents challenge , it has a custom harvesting story in it !!

    • Nebraska Wheatie says:

      I DID get the pictures. Sorry for not acknowledging!! They came at a time that all I could concentrate on was what was in front of me. I apologize. I have them sitting on my desk with all intentions of getting back to you. Agreed! The darkest is just before the dawn. Nora and Eli are both growing way too fast! It should be about time I share a photo or two!

      • Tom Stegmeier says:

        No worries , I knew you were busier than a one armed paper hanger with the convention , Did you make some head way in D.C. ?

        • Nebraska Wheatie says:

          I certainly hope so!! We can only do so much and in the end it comes down to the government.

  5. Debra H says:

    Well said!

  6. Karen. says:

    “What am I trading my days for?”
    Good point, Tracy.
    Just keep swimming!

    • Nebraska Wheatie says:

      Thanks Karen! I will only if you promise there’s a life preserver waiting on the sidelines!

  7. Rev. Dr. Cathi Braasch STS says:

    Well put and preached, Tracy!

  8. Well presented, Tracy! I’ve just been through a rough week and your words were what I needed to read right now. I’m going to print this so I don’t forget.

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