The World That Most People Are In

It’s been three weeks ago that I spent the entire day sitting in the trailer house wondering what to do next. That was the first day of being thrown back into the non-harvest world and I had no idea where to start. Harvest feels like a dream ago. Did we really experience the summer wheat harvest?

In the past three weeks, I’ve emptied the cottage on wheels and have become part of the world that most people are in. There are harvesters still on the road doing what they started nearly five months ago. I miss that world. While driving around our rural area, I see the combines in the field and get homesick. Homesick for the lifestyle that we were still a part of just a month ago.

I keep ignoring the fact that the trailer house is still in dire need of being cleaned. Every day I think, “this will be the day I will begin that chore”. So far, every day goes by and I have yet to make that initial cleaning wipe! If I had all the money in the world, I would hire someone to come in and do it for me while I’m involved in the world that most people are in.

In the past three weeks, Jim has had just a couple of days off. These days were spent on combine and corn head maintenance. He’s still got everything from the summer harvest to put away. He began cutting corn on Saturday of Labor Day weekend. They’ve finished with the corn and have moved to soybeans a couple of days ago. He said the yields, so far, have been 25 – 30 bushel. Some beans have filled nicely and others are very poor. The biggest problem is the green stalks. The beans are dry and the pods are wanting to “pop”, spilling beans on the ground – so they need to be harvested. The green plants are tough and make a mess while going through the combine.

It’s Homecoming week…need I say more? The girls have dressed up in different themes for each day of the week (just a little stressful trying to think up an outfit). The traditional bonfire was held Wednesday night (put together very last-minute with the help of a few of us moms). Taylor was honored by her classmates by being chosen as one of three girls to hold the title of 2012 Homecoming Queen. We will find out tonight during half time of the football game whether she will share the crown with Jenna (2005 E-M Homecoming Queen). I know she’s hopeful but she’s also very excited that she was chosen to be part of the Homecoming Court. Great kids!

Good luck team E-M and Taylor!

“Crazy Day”

“Salt & Pepper Day”

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  1. Karen says:

    Will be watching for your post, tell Congrats to Taylor, its an honor to be nominated by her peers! Good luck and have fun! Do hope the team wins, makes it that much better for celebrating!

  2. I think I would love being “on the road” like that, although, I’m sure it has it’s challenges. I need to go back to your older posts and see what it’s all about : ) Hope you are settling back into your home routine….

  3. Most days, Melody, it’s plenty good. There are some days, however, that are a challenge – a huge challenge! One of these days when there’s lots of snow on the ground and you have plenty of time, I hope you can read all about the life of a custom harvester. Then…let me know what you think! A glass of wine may help too 🙂

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