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Eleven days ago…

That’s how long it’s been since I actually took the time to sit in front of this screen and share what the heck is going on with the Z Crew.

The girls made it back. They showed up on the 6th and was put to work immediately. It was awfully good to have them back home with us – even though I’m certain they had a great time with friends while they were away. Callie and her group placed 4th in the nation for their Local Chapter Annual Business Report. 4th in the NATION. I’m so proud of her! So, her trip to Chicago was a success.

We loaded the combine and header as soon as they got back to the Cottage and took it to the Deerfield elevator. We arrived just as it was getting dark. The next day we would make our way to Limon.

That next morning, we woke up to rain and clouds and decided that we’d wait to see if it would pass before making our way northwest. Finally about noon, we decided we just had to leave if we were going to get to Limon that day and get camp set up again. The trip went fairly fast and uneventful…thank goodness!

IMG_8699Wind’s version of the oil boom! These wind generators are everywhere and this particular parking spot is filled with them every night. They sort of dwarf Pete and Frank!

IMG_8698The wheat was just on the verge of being ready to cut but still had plenty of green patches. We were told maybe we’d try a sample on Tuesday. In the meantime, I got caught up on paperwork (again), Taylor went to Denver with her friend and then to Boulder to take pictures on Sunday. We were sort of vacationing. At least it feels like it at this campground. The place fills every night with families on vacation. It really does make me wish we were on vacation!


IMG_8700The baby blanket I made while trying to stay busy.

IMG_8687One afternoon, Taylor and I took a quick trip to one of the fields to see if she would be able to Skype with a friend of hers who is a teacher. Her friend was hoping to use Taylor, the wheat field and our business as a way to introduce agriculture to the classroom. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Darn!

IMG_8697So, I just took pictures instead. 🙂

IMG_8690Sunday evening, Jim and I unloaded the Yellow Beast.









IMG_8721For the next three days, our days wouldn’t get started until noon or after. We would sample but the moisture was always just too high to get started at the typical time. We’d have most of the afternoon to get something accomplished and then the rain clouds would roll in.

IMG_8733This is what it looked like when we cut the very first sample. By the time we got back from the elevator to check moisture, the clouds had broken some and there was blue sky. The sample was dry and this was on Monday.

IMG_8734From the window of the service truck.

IMG_8735When we got back to the field, the whole crew had arrived!

IMG_8737Looks like a party.





IMG_8750Just chillin…waiting for the wheat to dry. The flies are bad but not anything like they were in Deerfield!

IMG_8492Wonder what this is all about? Check out the Combine Cam to see what we’re up to today. It’s almost like you’re riding in the combine with me. I wrote a post about this opportunity to share the harvest for the High Plains Journal – click here to read it. 

IMG_8748We have been able to mow through quite a few fields already. It never ceases to amaze me how much can get done in one day with three combines. I’m so used to just one machine and what it can do in one day. There are fields only doing as good as 20 bushels per acre and there are fields that are averaging 70. It just depends on which field got frost damage and how severe it was. This area had frost on Mother’s Day – just at the point in the plants growing cycle when it hurt it the worst.  The test weights have been 58-61. All in all, I’m fairly certain our farmer and his sons are pretty happy with the outcome.




IMG_8761I believe I take way too many pictures! But when you’ve got this sort of action happening in front of you, how can you NOT take a picture? You don’t get action shots like this when the Beast is the only machine in the field.




IMG_8768YES, I found a mud hole. I guess I had to be like all the other harvesters this summer!

IMG_8769Gettin her pulled out. It wasn’t stuck too bad – just the front right tire but there was no way to back it out without going deeper so out came the tow rope.



IMG_8776Our job provides us with so many opportunities to experience the most beautiful sights! God is so good!


IMG_8787Welcome to our dining room!

IMG_8788I took this tonight just as I was coming to the end of the final strip for the day.

Jamie, Jenna, Eli and Nora will be here tomorrow for a visit. Curt will be flying in on Thursday. It will be so good to see them all again! I bet those kids have grown quite a bit since we saw them last.

Be prepared for the pictures!



7 comments on “welcome to our dining room

  1. Philip L Ctawford says:

    I live in St. Francis, KS. Friends of the Sparlings in the Seneca HS area. They putme on to your web sight…Never TOO MANY pictures.
    Check me out on Facebook.. Philip L Crawford if you like Cowboy Music and Poetry

    • Nebraska Wheatie says:

      Thank you, Philip! I’ll take a look at your Facebook page. Sounds interesting!

  2. Philip L Ctawford says:

    I made the harvest trip clear into Canada in 1957 with a crew of 2 12ft 55 John Deere combines..Quite an experience..

    • Nebraska Wheatie says:

      Ah…so you know all about harvest. Although you had it much harder than we do now! My dad used to go with my Grandpa in the early 50’s and he has quite the stories!

  3. Mardrie says:

    Loved the pictures, see you soon!

  4. Enjoy your pictures and hearing from your operation. Wheat and oats harvest along with spraying and getting hay made in Illinois has been a struggle to much rain over 10 inches in June and July is not any dryer. Enjoy combine cam you make your job look easy with help of GPS. A roomer of a farmer in southern Il netting 2.00 dollars a bushel for his wheat at elevator. Best of luck to you.

  5. Tom Stegmeier says:

    Super pics,Tracy .The one of The Z Crew is the best ,toooo silllly. We finally got some good rain in Alberta but still not enough, came to late , hay crops are 1/3 to 1/2 of normal . Here’s hoping that you can get some long days of cutt’n in Limon CO.

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